Granite, Quartzite, Marble and Quartz Kitchen Worktops Holywell

We have been working in Holywell since the early 2000s helping residents and those in the surrounding areas acquire the kitchen worktops that they want and deserve for their homes.

Have you just moved home, looking to move house or just want a stunning kitchen?

Our Quartz, Granite, Quartzite and Marble Worktops or Granite stone worktop offer a modern or traditional design for your kitchen. No matter the size of your kitchen, we can tailor a design that suits.

Our LA Quartz Range

Start the process

We provide a complimentary design consultation without any purchase obligations. During this session, we’ll guide you through our capabilities, detailing how Granite or Quartz Worktops can suit your needs. If you’re around Holywell and have inquiries, please contact us either by phone or email at

Our stone selections are diverse in colour, easy to maintain, resistant to stains, and simply stunning in appearance. Check out some of our Granite and Quartz worktop examples here.

Please take your time looking around our website, take a look at our gallery or come and visit us at our showroom. If you have any questions please email us directly at or simply fill in the form here if you have a general idea already.

It is our honour and pleasure to serve the residents of Wrexham when it comes to supplying stone made kitchen worktops. We design, supply, make and install worktops for all homes size and shapes.

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