Quartz Worktops Wrexham to Granite to porcelain worktops

Kitchen worktops made from marble, quartz, granite to quartzite stone and all natural stone.

Over 20 years experience we have been serving the residents of Wrexham with Granite, Quartz, Marble and natural stone worktops for the last 3 decades. From enquiry to design, making and styling for your kitchen or any other room, we also fit the worktop to make your kitchen and home come to life.

We have an array of choice when it comes to natural stones for your kitchen worktops. A FREE no obligation quote and design process, we custom make any worktop from nearly any stone be it granite, quartz or quartzite to what you want for your home and kitchen.

Our LA Quartz Range

Start the process

Transform your space with a bespoke worktop from The Merchant House. 

Contact our team today where they will guide you through the process and help bring your vision to life to create a unique masterpiece.

Please take your time looking around our website, take a look at our gallery or come and visit us at our showroom. If you have any questions please email us directly at sales@merchanthouseltd.co.uk or simply fill in the form here if you have a general idea already.

It is our honour and pleasure to serve the residents of Wrexham when it comes to supplying stone made kitchen worktops. We design, supply, make and install worktops for all homes size and shapes.

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